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After my history studies, I entered the Institute of Political Studies in Rennes.

Then, I underwent documentary training at FEMIS and started directing documentaries: “Life in the Frigos de Paris” (Cap 24); “The Children of the Judge” (France 3 Région, France 3, and Planète Justice / Festival Justice et Cinéma / Festival du cinéma européen, Houlgate / Special Mention, Media Majuscule Prize / Festival du Film d’action sociale, Nancy); “I Have a Dream” (France 3 Nouvelle Aquitaine, France 3)…

Being of dual nationality, I work between France and Ecuador: I directed a 26-minute film, “En vuelo hacia el Abuelo” (Cuba Film Festival, Lussas Documentary Festival), and I work on short films and commercials.

At the same time, I participate in various shows (Le Loft 1, Baby Boom, etc.); I am a reader for ARTE; I direct institutional films; and I write dialogues and direct children in over 70 subjects (Kid et Toi on M6 / Lauriers de l’Audiovisuel, winner of the “Youth Reportage Direction” award).

Being accustomed to film shoots, I have developed the ability to manage large teams, be responsive, and adapt to different environments, especially abroad. My extensive experience in casting allows me to quickly grasp the essence of characters.

Currently, I am shifting my focus towards fiction.